Social Media Strategy

We’ll get your brand and business message to customers and fans, even critics if you need to score points. We keep ahead of rapidly evolving social media trends so you save time, guiding you through the virtual world to actual results.

  • Platforms. Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and more. Whether it’s 140 characters or long-form content, we build digital strategies to promote your business.
  • Research. Follow the social media conversation, get customers interested, and distinguish your business. We’ll also show you what your competition is up to and how to best them at the game.
  • Metrics. Action is good, results are better. We track customer engagement to evaluate your social media progress and enhance your publicity campaign.

Brand & Marketing Content

A brand isn’t just a fancy symbol or catchphrase. It is the sum total of all interactions people have with your business. It must convey strength, value, trust, and distinction. We’ll guide you through brand strategy from reviewing your business logo and tagline to a total rebranding through market research, message testing, and revitalized outreach. We’ll also create promotional content that leads conversation, ensuring your brand messaging is authentic to your voice and driven toward results.

Website Design & Social Media

Think of your website as an intelligent extension of your social media and communications needs, where your business speaks your messages on your terms. Praecere partners with CreativePickle to provide clients with full digital media, website, and creative design services. The agency’s portfolio includes nonprofits, international firms, small businesses, artists, and more.

Public Relations

Telling your story is Praecere’s commitment. We develop narratives to lead the conversation, diffuse a crisis, and win debates. Our balanced experience comes from over a decade of global media relations. No matter your business goal, we help you speak to powerbrokers and get your messages to the right audiences.  We also specialize in:

  • CSR: Corporate social responsibility is no longer an option. Shareholders and customers expect good corporate behavior. Praecere will get your business the cause-worthy praise and recognition it deserves.
  • Media Training: Poised and confident answers in media interviews require training. Praecere will coach you to bend the arc of the interview so it becomes the conversation you want to have.

Crisis Management & Reputation Monitoring

Whether you face customer and media inquiries, regulatory probes, or legal scrutiny, Praecere will run a rapid response operation to counter aggressive press, buying you time for your next move. A crisis management playbook will be created to anticipate the most hostile attacks. Your team will be counseled on reactions to expect and responses that neutralize the most stinging inquiries and campaigns, putting an end to negative headlines. If you need immediate assistance, please contact Praecere President Babak Zafarnia.

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